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    2. Digital Workspace

      Digital transformation has shifted the way we work. Digital Workspaces allow us to work whenever and wherever we want: in the office, at the kitchen table, outside in the sunny yard, during our commute on the train, or even in the park. If you have access to the internet, you can check email, read and approve documents, or work on that presentation that’s due by the end of the day. Your workforce is spending more and more time on platforms like these, which means the demands and expectations are rising as well.

      Three of the most important reasons why having a solid and highly efficient Digital Workspace is necessary:

      1. Productivity and Engagement

      When people have access to all the resources they need, they will be more productive and engaged. An organized and easy-manageable intranet will encourage your employees to use the platform intensively.

      2. Security

      When your Digital Workspace is built and deployed well, it can help secure your sensitive data. Your company might have an outstanding firewall and intrusion detection, but if you can’t de-activate the workspace of the person that your company let go of immediately, your sensitive data isn’t secured anymore. Also, when employees change roles or departments in your company, you would want to update their digital permissions and access accordingly.

      3. Consumerization

      Back in the day, a company’s IT department would deliver a small number of digital resources to a set and stable group of employees. But, nowadays, your business depends on rapid changes in the workforce as well as in the digital world. New innovations, updates, and features are released monthly, weekly, if not daily. Digital needs from your workers change by the hour, and thanks to consumerization, they can get what they need from the cloud in real time. Without having to rely on the IT department to give them what they need.

      As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we leverage Microsoft’s intuitive and robust technologies to help companies develop, architect, design, build and deploy a powerful digital platform to create, plan, organize, and structure the way they work.

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