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    2. Microsoft Cloud Services

      Microsoft Cloud Services & Solutions

      No matter the industry, nowadays business leaders can no longer deny the power of The Cloud. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider that can not only help you migrate to the cloud but answer the biggest questions facing the future of your business, ‘What next?’. Here

      SoHo Dragon, tailors our services to three main practices, leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud offerings:

      1. Cloud Assessments

      2. Cloud Migrations

      3. Cloud Applications

      We keep I.T. simple and help your business navigate the cloud so that you stay ahead of modern business hurdles limiting your growth such a GDPR, Etc.

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      1. Cloud Assessments

      It is difficult to know where to start when you have no idea what you are seeking! As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, our firm has successfully helped companies reduce drain on their budget by rising IT cost while eliminating the server room and providing them peace of mind when it comes to email and other mission-critical business applications.
      To get results, it’s important to adopt the perfect Microsoft Cloud Solution strategy, custom tailored to fit your business’ needs. It is crucial to prepare your business for the switch to the Microsoft Cloud, before implementing this game-changing technology. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, SoHo Dragon can provide you with adoption tools and support to get your business, and everyone working within your company, ready to move to the Cloud.
      On day one, we will be ready to administer our expertise. Helping to build awareness, providing analysis and driving adoption of Microsoft Cloud-based services across your entire organization. We offer Azure Cloud Management and can provide recommendations on customization based on our assessment.
      This is where SoHo Dragon’s extensive experience and knowledge as an established Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider who specializes in Azure Cloud Management can kick into action. We possess a decade’s worth of combined experience allowing us to sit on your side of the table and look out for your company’s best interest.

      How We approach Cloud Assessments?

      Step 1: Analyze IT

      Our Microsoft Cloud Solutions Consultants will partner with you to examine your current data estate, focusing on utilization, security and regulatory concerns to help you plan for the future of your business today.

      Step 2: Build IT

      As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, we are familiar with the nuances encountered when building out customization that fit your unique requirements and can help you navigate the Microsoft Cloud. We are on your side every step of the way and will assist you with selecting the correct solutions during this critical stage such as:

      • ?Type of Cloud ( Iaas | PaaS | Saas )
      • ?Cloud Models ( Public | Private | Hybrid )
      • Hosting Options
      • Requirement Analysis
      • Architectural Guidance
      • Licensing
      • Deployment Plans

      Step 3: Adoption

      Once we have a clear picture of which Microsoft Cloud Solution will work best for your company’s needs and requirements, we will execute that plan by providing high-quality training, professional support, and intensive coaching.

      2. Cloud Migrations Services

      Are you ready to migrate to The Cloud? We’ve got your back(-up)! It takes a lot of manpower to achieve a seamless migration. Here at SoHo Dragon our seasoned, in-house Cloud experts are ready to assist you in the migration process.

      We have dealt with oversights, incorrect documentation, simplified technology that doesn’t do what is promised, and much more. Cloud migrations are both an art and a science, which can be accomplished with minimal risk and oversight.

      The Key to Seamless Cloud Migration

      There are several important factors you should consider while planning your move to The Cloud. SoHo Dragon’s unique approach to Microsoft Cloud Solutions is hassle-free and expedites the migration process while taking the weight off your shoulders. Allowing both your development and testing environments to benefit from visibly shorter cycle times and better efficiency.

      We utilize cutting edge techniques such as:

      • Migrating applications to Azure Virtual Machines.?We offer Azure Cloud Management enabling you to quickly build, deploy, and effectively manage development and test environments on the cloud.
      • Lift & Shift Migration without changes to your source code. Providing integration with on-site applications or data.
      • Product as a Service. Development of applications that ensure high performance with our Cloud-based services.
      • Internet as a Service. Simplify your entire IT setup while improving higher efficiency with our core infrastructure migration, cloud storage, access management, and hybrid IT services.

      3. Cloud Applications Services

      Want to develop world-class web applications, but can’t figure out how to close the server room doors forever?

      SoHo Dragon’s expert team of IT Specialist can show you how it is done! Our firm is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and specializes in providing application development services in Microsoft Cloud environments. We invest time into getting IT right, understanding your needs and come to the table ready to share our expert guidance. We use innovative ideas to leverage technology and provide every client with the opportunity to maximize their technology investments.